Can Coolers Friesland Flag for 33cl Cans

Can Coolers Friesland Flag for 33cl Cans front view
Can Coolers Friesland Flag for 33cl Cans bottom view
Can Coolers Friesland Flag for 33cl Cans in use
€ 14,95
  • In the colors of the Frisian flag
  • Supplied in sets of 4 pieces
  • Suitable for cans with 33cl content
  • Made of high-quality 5mm neoprene
140 g

Bespoke design with your logo or artwork?

Can Coolers Friesland Flag for 33cl Cans (pack of 4 pieces)

This variant of can coolers has the motif of the Frisian flag: blue/white in color with the well-known Frisian pompeblêden or SeeBlatt. As a proud Frisian, these coolers should certainly not be missing in your home! Enjoy sailing over the Frisian lakes while having a nice cold drink through these cold covers. If you are going to a party in Friesland, the host or hostess will be pleasantly surprised when you bring these can coolers.

Practical to use

These can coolers (koozies) use an advanced cooling technique. The insulating materials ensure that the drinks do not heat up and remain wonderfully fresh for hours! This way you don't have to carry around heavy cooling elements or a fridge. The compact size (10 x 14 cm) fits in any purse or pocket. Because the can coolers are collapsible and foldable, you can really take them anywhere. This allows you to pay attention to the things that really matter: family, friends, and of course tasty snacks and drinks!

Always at the right temperature

We all like to enjoy a delicious fresh beer or a soft drink. Unfortunately, our hands often get cold quickly when we hold our drink. This can cooler offers the solution to all your problems! The cooler keeps your drink cool and your hands pleasantly warm at the same time. In addition, the materials are wonderfully soft.

Now with bundle discount

One cannot stand on one leg! Take advantage of a quantity discount when buying 3 sets! Provide yourself and all your friends and family with this fun gadget and make every party complete. Keep going until the wee hours, without any worries about the drinks. The bundle discount is ideal to share with everyone you love.