Fashion face mask with virus pattern

Fashion face mask with virus pattern front view
Fashion face mask with virus pattern detail
€ 9,95
  • Set of 3 – The face mask in a set of 3 so you will never miss out when you go outside!
  • Adult size – The face mask has an adult size and fits almost every adult.
  • Stylish & cheerful design
  • Ideal for outdoors
30 g

Non-medical face mask with virus pattern (pack of 3) for adults

Wearing a face mask no longer has to be boring or annoying! Do you often find masks boring to wear and would you rather be a bit happier on the street? This cheerful non-medical face mask for adults has a funny virus print and ensures that you are extra hygienic and look stylish at the same time. Ideal for a nice walk or if you have to get out the door quickly! We deliver these face masks in a package of 3 pieces. 1 to wear, 1 to spare and 1 to wash.

A stylish fashion mask

When you go outside, it is important that you take responsibility and that you are only among people with a face mask. Of course you also want to look a bit cozy. This fun face mask has been designed to meet that! Wear it over your normal, boring mask to cheer it up a bit or while you're walking down the street and keep your distance.

Comfortable and practical to use

Why wear a boring model, when you can also wear a nice face mask? Thanks to this mouth cap you stand out in a nice way and you feel a bit safer when you walk on the street. The mask is very soft to wear and ensures that breathing is not hindered. The mouth cap is made of nice elastic polyester fabric, which feels very nice on the skin. Due to the light weight and high wearing comfort, this face mask is ideal for daily outdoor use!

Always happy on the street

If you like to walk safely on the street, this fun mouth cap is the ideal face mask to wear. Because the face mask looks cheerful, you certainly attract attention, while you protect yourself and others a little. Are you going to a place where it is very crowded or are you going inside somewhere? Then it is wise to put on a medical face mask. This face mask is not as safe and more suitable for quick use outside.