Narrow silicone wristbands mix Belgium

Narrow Silicone Bracelets Mix Belgium - for Adults (bag of 60 pieces)

This bag contains a mix of thin silicone bracelets in the colors of the Belgian flag: black, yellow, and red. All bands are of even color and unprinted. The mix of the colors of the Belgian flag makes this set of mixed colors excellent for, for example, supporters of sports events or parties with a ‘Belgian’ theme. The bands are also great to give as a set of three colors to guests from abroad as a souvenir of Belgium. Perfect for event where you need to divide a group of people into 3 teams.

6 mm slim silicone wristbands for adults

These 6 mm narrow and lightweight silicone bracelets are in an adult size, but slimmer then normal, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are more subtle compared to our standard width bracelets, but they are lighter and are comfortable to wear multiple at the same time. Prefer the classic wider option? Please see our 12 mm wide bracelets, we offer those as well in multiple distinct packages.

Fast delivery from stock

No time for custom production in the Far East? Or do you only need a few bracelets? These silicone bracelets are delivered quickly from European stock, you don't have to wait weeks for your offshore production. Supplying a small quantity of silicone wristbands from stock is also a lot cheaper than custom ordering, which is usually only cheaper if you order hundreds or thousands. Don't wait and order now, and you will receive your cheap 6 mm silicone bracelets for adults quickly.

Plain blank silicone bracelets

These unprinted silicone bracelets are not customized, so can be used in many different circumstances. Printed or bespoke silicone bracelets have longer delivery times and high minimum order quantities, while these are in stock in our warehouse for fast delivery in smaller quantities. Ideal for that event you have planned later this week.

Durable designed and usable on many occasions

These silicone wristbands are a durable and original way of labeling or dividing groups. Do you have to divide a group of people into various teams or smaller groups, do you have a festival where you want to clearly indicate who belongs to the organization or do you want to clearly show who the visitors are to a certain event? The wristbands can also be used excellently as a means of access control or for keeping track of visitor numbers at entertainment venues and/or parties. Silicone is pretty wear resistant so these bracelets can be used over a long time. A sustainable and environmentally friendly investment! Hand out these wristbands or wear them yourself as a nice bracelet!

Reusable & eco-friendly wristbands

These silicone wristbands are very comfortable. In addition, they can simply be removed from the wrist after use. Because the wristbands are made of silicone, they are washable and reusable several times, a big advantage over wristbands made of plastic or paper! The wristbands come in one size, which is especially suitable for adults, because they will be too large for the smaller wrists of children. Need bracelets for children? Please see our 6 mm wristbands in child size.